Friday, April 25, 2008

Tiger: Surgery planned win or lose at Masters

Tiger Woods said he knew for "a couple of months" that he would undergo knee surgery this year and the question was whether he would have the procedure before or after the Masters.

"The only decision was do you miss the Masters or play in the Masters?" Woods said on his website Friday. "I decided to play. Even if I had won, I still would have had the surgery."

Woods is the defending champion of the Wachovia Championship but will be unable to participate because of the knee surgery performed 11 days ago.

He said his left knee had been "bugging me" for a while. Doctors have told him he should be able to play golf again in four to six weeks, but nothing is certain.

Woods said he will determine his schedule by what his doctors tell him.

He hosted his annual Tiger Jam event in Las Vegas last weekend and was on crutches there. Woods said he is off crutches now but wearing a knee brace and hopes to begin his rehabilitation process soon.

"I’ve definitely been playing in pain, but that's not why I didn't win at Augusta," Woods said. "I just never got comfortable with my putting stroke. Obviously, it was frustrating because I hit the ball well enough to win. It was just one of those things."


Anonymous said...

Even though he isn't playing, it would be a nice gesture if he showed up Sunday afternoon to present the trophy/jacket to this year's winner.

Anonymous said...

Sho up to present the jacket? So many people think golf was just invented when Tiger started playing. Golf is just as good with or without Tiger. He certainoly adds to a tournament but he is not JC himeself. Many of you act like he is.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Tiger is no JC or Jack for that matter. However, I think Ron Green still thinks Tiger is going to win the Grand Slam. Maybe we should tell Ron that when you don't win the Masters the quest is OVER!

Anonymous said...

You guys must be old. Tiger might as well be the JC of the golfing world. Have you ever looked at the difference in tv ratings and revenue when he is in an event compared to when he is not? You're right about Tiger not being Jack- he is far better than Jack ever was. He'll have 25+ majors before he's finished. You don't have to like him but that is the reality.