Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tiger's going to end dreaded majors streak some day ... maybe Sunday

As every golf fan with at least a swoosh for brains knows, Tiger Woods has never won a major championship when he didn’t start the final round with at least a share of the lead.

Like that’s a bad thing.

He’s won 13 majors already, so it’s getting a little touchy to point out that he’s always been ahead on Sunday when he’s done it. Well, duh.

But because there are practically no other ‘negatives’ on Woods’ record, the coming-from-behind-to-win-a-major one comes up every time he hasn’t already won the tournament by Saturday evening.

And, by the way, Tiger knows. He keeps getting reminded about it, like he did again Saturday afternoon after playing his way into the rear-view mirror of Trevor Immelman and Paul Casey.

What does it mean? Not much.

One of these days, maybe Sunday, Woods is going to shoot 64 or 65 in the final round and win a major we had conceded to someone else. But that’s not easy to do, even if you are Tiger Woods.

If the worse thing that can be said of Woods is that he hasn’t come from behind to win a major, he’ll be able to live with it. But I’m guessing he won’t have to say that forever.

And imagine what it’ll be like when he does.