Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekley plays what's my line

Boo Weekley doesn’t have an entourage.

He probably doesn’t even know what an entourage is, which is another reason to like him.

He did have a handful of friends and family members waiting on him Sunday night after he’d won his second straight Verizon Heritage championship and, from the looks of things, they seemed ready for a big time. The friends, anyway.

His mother, Patsy, was there as she had been all week, enjoying the sunshine, the hospitality and a second victory by her son who has become the new prince of the South Carolina lowcountry.

At the Masters, Boo did a daily diary for the Augusta newspaper about his first Masters experience. Last week, Patsy Weekley did a diary for the Hilton Head newspaper about her Harbour Town experience.

Asked which was better, Boo said his mother’s was because “she knows how to spell.”

Boo seems to just roll along like a river he’d like to drop a line in.

“This golf is a crazy game,” Boo said Sunday evening, explaining that he hoped to play a while longer then get out so he can hunt and fish, which is what he really likes to do.

Boo is one of the best things to happen to the PGA Tour since private jets.

He’s a guy who likes to stand on the practice tee and tell hunting and fishing stories. He was telling one last week about some guys shooting armadillos and he seems wonderfully unaffected by his celebrity.

In interviews, he still says yes, sir and yes, ma’am to questioners and if any of his act is put on, he’s a better actor than Daniel Day-Lewis.

He’s funny without trying. In his media session Sunday evening, he was wearing his tartan champion’s jacket and pointed out that when he won last year, tournament officials gave him a jacket for the ceremony. Boo discovered fortune cookies in the pocket.

Of course he did.

And it’s golf’s good fortune that Boo isn’t quite ready to go hunting and fishing full time just yet.