Thursday, April 07, 2011

At Augusta, Watching The Scoreboard Is Part Of The Fun

   The Masters isn't afraid of going high tech.

   Check out the 3D broadcasts or the new alliance with Tiger Woods on a video game or the iPad app that allows you to watch the tournament on your handy dandy device.

   And if the Masters wanted high-tech scoreboards, they'd be better than any scorebaords in the world. But that's not what the Masters wants.

   The tournament sticks with wooden scoreboards with a slot for every hole beside a player's name. When they finish a hole, a window goes blank then it closes with the player's current standing to par. With no one having access to mobile scoring devices -- no cell phones allowed means no cell phones allowed at the Masters -- so everyone watches the board to see what's happening.

   Especially on the weekend when the drama is taking shape around the course, cheers and groans go up when scores are posted. It's almost quaint.

   What it is is great.

   Chairman Billy Payne says there are no plans for video boards at the Masters. They'll stick with the big white boards.

    It's the Masters. That's how it should be.