Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where Will Rory Go From Here?

   When Rory McIlroy rolls into Charlotte early next month as the defending champion of the Wells Fargo Championship, it will be interesting to see what he says about his Masters experience having had a month to digest it.

   He's in Malaysia now, playing a European Tour event, getting back on the horse immediately. That's a good thing. Rather than dwell on what had to be a massive disappointment, McIlroy is playing this week. He even sent out photos of him smiling with Masters champ Charl Schwartzel on the private jet they were sharing Sunday evening.

   Resilience is as much a part of the game as chipping and putting. At the professional level, some players are better at rebounding than others. My sense is McIlroy will use it as a learning experience and move forward.

   Colin Montgomerie was quoted earlier this week as saying it could have a long-term effect on McIlroy's career. He said he hoped it wouldn't but he cited Sergio Garcia as an example of a player from whom so much was expected and who now, past his 30th birthday, still doesn't have a major championship victory.

   McIlroy's personality and demeanor are different than Garcia's, who has too often chosen the role of victim when he hasn't won. McIlroy faced his disappointment in style and I expect he'll do the same with his future.


oneeyedappaloosa said...

OK Jr...that was a pretty good story.

Anonymous said...

The Irish kids will weather the storm fine. McIlroy has to be tough as nails coming from a working class family in Northern Ireland. Not many golfers come from a place known for centuries of bombings and violence. He will grow out of his youthful loss of nerve and do fine. If his 5'9" frame can stand up to how hard he hits the ball, he will be one of the greatest players. He already is tied for some of the lowest scores in all of golf history. What a talent!

DMerritt said...

I will tell you who his game reminds me of most, Hal Sutton. Both have an almost fluid look in the arms in the swing. I know a lot was expected of Hal at a young age with the constant proclamations of being the next Jack. I think Roy will plod along having great stretches as he did at Quail, and will also suffer lots of brain burps as in the first couple holes on the back nine last weekend. I say he comes into Charlotte and by the weekend is in contention. Good on him.