Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nine Masters Questions -- The Front Nine

Now that Phil Mickelson has become the official favorite of this year’s Masters Tournament, making himself as popular at Augusta as pimento cheese sandwiches, it’s time to get this week started.

It begins with questions – nine of them. Call it the front nine.

1. Who will win the long drive contest Thursday morning off the first tee between ceremonial starters Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus?

A: I’m going with Jack but the surest bet is Arnie will hit it right to left and not very far.

2. Will Rickie Fowler prove that it’s possible to wear too much green at Augusta National?

A: No. But he will prove you can wear too much orange.

3. Now that the Masters has become the most technologically advanced major, offering apps for your iPhone and iPad that allow you to watch the tournament live, will the tournament allow cell phones on the property?

A; Thankfully, no.

4. Have there been any major changes to the golf course this year?

A: Other than the Cadillacs they’ll have floating in Rae’s Creek and in the pond in front of the 15th green, nothing significant.

5. What if Bubba Watson wins the Masters?

A: That would be way cool – and the dude might not stop crying until Thanksgiving.

6. How many players will wear white pants at the Masters?

A: Too many.

7. Why do they call it Amen Corner?

A: Because Sistine Chapel was already taken.

8. Have I forgotten to mention Tiger Woods?

A: Nope. Just did.

9. Who’s going to win?

A: Phil.

Or someone else.