Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mickelson Says Yes To Quail; Yes To Hiring Rivera

Phil Mickelson said two things Tuesday that should be of particular interest around Charlotte:

He said “absolutely” when asked if he’ll play in the Wells Fargo Championship in early May, though he has not yet officially committed to play.

And, Mickelson loves the Carolina Panthers’ hiring of Ron Rivera as their new head coach. Mickelson follows the NFL closely, especially his hometown San Diego Chargers where Rivera was defensive coordinator before being hired by the Panthers.

“He’ll be fabulous,” Mickelson said when asked about Rivera. “I think he’ll be amazing.

“Carolina has always had a defensive identity. San Diego has always had an offensive identity with Air Coryell and all that. He took the Chargers and brought them to the No. 1 defense.

“He’ll be terrific.”

Mickelson even offered some draft advice, suggesting the Panthers should use the first pick to draft a defensive player to fit with Rivera’s strong suit.

-- Ron Green Jr.


Anonymous said...

Even Phil thinks we should pass on Newton!! Jerry, lets lose Hurney and hire Phil!

Anonymous said...

Phil is a class act (even with his complaints about the greens at QH). Look forward to seeing him again at the tournament here in Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Phil's philosophy. Draft NT Nick Fairley. They need a run stopper up the middle. I'm not as sold on Cam Newton, as I am on Fairley. I just hate to see them have another unproven rookie QB along with Clausen and Pike. Trade Tony Pike and two or three picks for Carson Palmer. He gives Clausen an understudy for a couple years and then Clausen can take over.

Anonymous said...

Did you also ask him what he thought about this years CMS budget? How about the 13 minute time saving choo choo to Raleigh? What about the completion of 485? Did he offer any insite on that? Any recommended lottery number combinations?.......Who cares what Phil thinks about the Panthers?

Steve Gilmore said...

It is always a distinct pleasure to have the top players in the world play here. It says a lot about the course itself and the people that put it all together. Thanks Wells Fargo for taking over the naming rights for this tournament. You will not be disappointed in the marketing outcome. It has always been a class tournament and I can't wait to get out there and root on my favorite. That would be Mr. Mickelson.