Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Plane Scare Gets Westwood's Week Off To Exciting Start

   Lee Westwood's Masters week got off to an exciting start.

   Westwood was flying out of Houston Sunday night with his manager Chubby Chandler when, shortly after takeoff, there was smoke in the cockpit and pilots were forced to make an emergency landing. I'll let Westwood tell the story:

  "You talk to Chubby, there were flames coming up between our legs and things like that...Not literally," Westwood said Tuesday.

   "We took off, got I guess three or four minutes in the air, and there was some smoke in the cabin, so the pilots donned the oxygen masks and turned it around fairly quickly, quicker than you would normally, and brought it down fast. Once they got everything comfortable, they just landed...

   "It was a bit nervy for three or four minutes but not as drama-filled as someone would have you make out. If you read the Sun (an English tabloid). you would think we were on fire and landing like Memphis Belle or something like that."

   Westwood admitted he took precautions on the flight that eventually got him and his manager to Augusta.

   "I tell you on the next flight I had a very large double vodka," Westwood said.