Friday, April 08, 2011

Did We Get Tiger Back On Friday?

   Did Tiger Woods finally return Friday at Augusta National?

   Or was just one more step in the -- here it comes -- process?

   That's what this Masters weekend will tell us. Woods looked like his old self Friday afternoon, hitting solid shots, walking with a purpose, staring down shots like he expected them to obey. It felt as good as it looked.

   Now it's a question of whether he can build on it. I hope so.

   This may be Rory McIlroy's Masters -- or Jason Day's -- or K.J. Choi's -- but I want it to have Woods in the middle of it. He needs to be relevant again, more than as a curiosity struggling with a swing and life change.

   He keeps telling us how close he's getting to having his game back and he presented Friday as evidence. Now comes the next step.


Anonymous said...

No! His swing will not hold up this wekend. Expect 74 -74. The OJ/John Edwards of golf has lost his luster.

Anonymous said...

He looked real darn good Friday. I, too, hope he's back.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, please please, let Tiger win this one so Jr. can write more articles about "tiger taking us to places we have never been before in golf". Hail to the "chosen one" as his dad described him. Opps, I was referring to Woods, not JR.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Incredible golf!! And it sure was great fun watching my man in the red shirt scare a few people, absolutely loved it. The only bad thing was watching Rory struggle, I know we all feel really bad for him. I became a fan of this this week and hope he wins a pile of majors in the future. Hearty Congrats to Schwartzel for pulling off an incredible win; simply outstanding!!