Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 reasons the RBC Heritage is cool

Ten things that make the RBC Heritage cool:

   1. Men walk around in tartan kilts.
   Okay, not a lot of them but some do and, even if they're paid to do it, you don't see that every day.

   2. Boo Weekley won this event -- twice.
   Find another PGA Tour event that can say that.

   3. It's fun to say Calibogue.
   Try it -- Cal-ah-bogey. See, you can do it.

   4. They have a putting contest for kids on the practice green on Tuesday afternoon.
  A few of the pros hang around for it, too.

   5. There aren't any cars in ponds at Harbour Town.
  There are, however, some really impressive boats in the marina.

   6. It has a lighthouse.
   You usually have to play miniature golf to have a lighthouse. Not here, though it is a small course by PGA Tour standards.

   7. Bubba Watson isn't playing but people are still talking about him.

  8. Champagne is sold at some concession stands around the course.
  Funnel cakes, however, are unavailable.

   9. It's hard to tell there was a recession when you're at Harbour Town.

   10. It has real live alligators.
  Just don't get too close -- but you probably knew that.