Friday, April 06, 2012

Can Fred Couples win the Masters?

Can Fred Couples win this Masters?

Of course he can.

And he just might.

Were I in Las Vegas, I'd probably put my money on Rory McIlroy halfway through this Masters. He's spotting Couples and Jason Dufner one stroke and that's nothing. Winning the Masters is often about creating magic and no one near the top of the leader board can create more supernatural stuff than Rors.

But being 52 years old with a cranky back and having a share of the Masters lead -- again -- is magic in itself.

Put it to a vote right now and Freddie wins the Masters popularity contest by a mile and that's with McIlroy and Phil Mickelson, two of the most magnetic figures in the game, lurking. Like McIlroy said, he's just cool.

I don't think Couples consciously tries to be cool. It just comes naturally to him. It can't be bought or sold or faked.

He's a guy who likes to talk sports, doesn't like to get in a hurry and isn't a big fan of crowds, though he draws them like Elvis in soft spikes. Right now, many more people hope Couples can win than think he can win.

He thinks he can win.

That's what matters.

And how cool would that be?