Monday, April 30, 2012

Tiger feels ready, praises Harris, Quail Hollow

Tiger Woods says he feels he has resolved the ball-striking issues that bedeviled him at the Masters, leading to a disappointing performance in the year's first major championship after winning two weeks earlier at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Woods said posture issues at address led to takeaway problems at Augusta and he believes his recent work with instructor Sean Foley has remedied the issue.

"At Augusta, it wasn't quite there," Woods said on a video posted on his website in which he answered questions submitted by fans. "My posture was a little off and my takeaway was off because my posture was off. I've fixed those things the last couple of weeks and I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks."

Rather than hold a pre-tournament interview session with the media at Quail Hollow this week, Woods opted to answer questions in a 14-minute video on his website (

Asked how he would feel to win a second Wells Fargo Championship, Woods said, "It'd feel just as good (as 2007). winning is winning. It's been a few years since I've won (at Quail Hollow). I'd like to get back in the winner's circle there.

"I love what (Quail Hollow president) John Harris has done for the event. He's going to get a PGA there and maybe a Ryder Cup down the road. He means so much to that area and what he's done for golf in general is just phenomenal. It's why all the players are there. It's a great golf course and (because of) what John has done for golf."

Woods said he took a week off after the Masters but went back to work on his game two weeks ago in preparation for the Wells Fargo Championship and The Players Championship.


Anonymous said...

Quail and Harris have have lost their way. To give up a regular tour stop all for one Major is laughable. Mark my words, after 2014, WF Championship is no longer and all Quail will have is a lengthy preparation for the PGA in 2017. Afterwards, no tour event will be in Charlotte. Wells Fargo's only tie to this event was from the purchase of Wachovia. They now have an out. Thanks for the memories and thanks for taking us along with your ego trip of needing a Major at Quail.

BUCKGUY said...

He is praising it now but wait until he has a bad round then the crybaby will return

Anonymous said...

If you were a member at QH, why wouldn't you want a major? There is no reason to think that if the membership wanted to get back on the calendar, that they couldn't.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: First of all, Quail is a PRIVATE club. They get to do whatever they want, and it's generous that they host the tournament at all. Secondly, a lot of the membership hates hosting the tournament. They can't play their course and it takes a ton of damage during the week. Just be glad that Mr. Harris allows any of us to come visit once a year. Third, hosting a major is a BIG deal. They golf course also has to be prepared to peak in August, not May. To switch from the rye grass overseeding that they currently do takes a while.

Anonymous said...

Nothing lasts forever. Just enjoy it while its still here.