Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bubba golf, it's a blast

Add this to the list of things you never thought you'd hear:

A guy named Bubba, who could use a haircut, explaining that he plays "Bubba golf" while wearing his new green jacket.

The Masters, which finds a way to get the story right more often than Disney studios, did it again Sunday when Bubba Watson made four straight back-nine birdies and then made an Alcatraz-quality escape from a pine-forest jail to beat Louis Oosthuizen to win the Masters.

Who says golf can't be fun?

Watch Bubba play.

Watch Bubba fidget.

Watch Bubba hit it, as the cliche goes, farther than most people go on vacation.

Phil Mickelson used to own the title as golf's most imaginative player. Now, his game looks like a black-and-white Polaroid snapshot when you put it beside Bubba golf.

This is grip it and rip it, juiced by Red Bull.

Until Sunday, no one was quite sure whether Bubba Watson could win a major championship. He had a chance at the 2010 PGA but lost to Martin Kaymer in a playoff. In his three previous PGA Tour wins, he'd done it despite nerves that looked jumpier than a teenager approaching their first kiss.

On an Augusta Sunday, Watson answered all the questions.

And it was a blast to watch.


Anonymous said...

Golf has a new hero. This new hero is way past due.

Claire said...

I think it proves how fickle and unpredictable golf is. Having golf lessons at the moment and Bubba does all the things the pro told me not to do!!! It works for him!

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