Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amy's message to Phil: She wants a trophy

Phil Mickelson didn't come all the way to Long Island just to play golf.

His wife, Amy, back home in San Diego waiting to begin treatment for breast cancer July 1, has playfully prodded her husband about what she wants from this U.S. Open.

"She's left me a number of little notes, texts, cards, hints, that she would like to have a silver trophy in her hospital room. So I'm going to try to accommodate that," Mickelson said during his 8 a.m. press conference at Bethpage.

Mickelson flew into New York late Tuesday after spending two days at home with his family. They celebrated his daughter Amanda's birthday on Monday then celebrated Phil's 39th birthday Tuesday.

His three kids brought him breakfast in bed which preceded a family trip to Mickelson's "favorite little breakfast joint" later on.

It was hard for Amy to top the birthday present she gave her husband last year -- a real dinosaur head.

This year, Mickelson got some fashionable sunglasses ("Which is good because my fashion sense isn't the best," he said) and a small video camera that shoots 30 frames a second, allowing him to easier study his golf swing.

Mickelson said the U.S. Open will likely be his last competitive golf until August, essentially taking the British Open off his schedule while Amy deals with her treatments.

There will be a family vacation next week before the treatment starts.

Mickelson reiterated what he said last week in Memphis that the public and private response has been overwhelming.

"We don't feel like we're alone in this," he said.

Mickelson seemed upbeat Wednesday morning, smiling and chatting in the media room and on the putting green before going out to play a practice round with Justin Leonard.

Unlike last week at Memphis when he got choked up talking about his wife's condition, Mickelson didn't get overly emotional.

"We're optimmistic about the end result but the process won't be easy," Mickelson said.


Anonymous said...

This is eerily similar to the emotions of the 1999 US Open @ Pinehurst, when instead of his wife's surgery, Phil had the emotions of being a Dad for the 1st time with his wife due at any moment. This should be an awesome week, of emotions and golf.

prestonsc said...

I'll probably get slammed for this but I think he has no reason to be there. Seems more like he's using Amy's cancer to set up a heroic act on the golf course. When Tiger kicks him to the curb like a piece of trash (like he always does), what's his response? 'I gave it my was a tough week' This shouldn't be a 'WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER' time. I hope Amy the best and beats this disease. I think she will. But I don't think playing the cancer card for drama in any golf tournament isn't necessary. Think Phil needs to go home and stay home until they get light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

From personal experience, one of the most important aspects of beating cancer is keeping a sense of normality to your life. Dwelling over cancer or any difficult disease is not what families or those with the disease need nor is it a healthy treatment. Finding a sense of normality within such a strong unknown is so important. Ease up on the man, if the media asks him a question regarding the cancer, I think he should be free to answer it without harsh unfounded criticism.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Phil. Odds are against him. When Adrian asked Rocky to win the title, there was a 1 in 2 chance in the boxing ring. In golf there is a 1 in 50 chance.

Anonymous said...

And I want a pony, but I don't think I'll be getting one of those either. Seriously, Phil's no threat at Bethpage, but he's right to go play the event. There's nothing he can do at home which will lift his wife's spirits as much as rooting him on in the U.S. Open. He'll have plenty of fan support, but Tiger's got a new, more-lofted driver which he's using to hit more fairways. Phil still can't find the short grass with a bloodhound. Advantage - the striped one.

Don't you just love these sports comments section where everyone gets to be "anonymous"? Ummm, just kidding Observer - why not change it to the more user-friendly format based on log-in name used in most of the rest of your online articles? A lot of people ask that question, but it never seems to get answered.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron Green, how about you check your work before you submit it!!! Tool.

Anonymous said...

GO PHIL GO!!! Bring that US Open title back home to your wife. I pray that you win this weekend and that everything goes well in July!! You are the of Utmost class Phil!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!

Anonymous said...

NO way Phil wins...He's a drama king and he will lose like always...Look for Mr. Woods to be somewhere at the top when this is done!