Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Open could end up all wet

It's going to rain on this U.S. Open.

The only question, it seems, is how much.

Weather forecasters tend to be no more trustworthy than John Daly's comebacks but they sound convinced that Thursday is going to be nasty out here in the mid-section of Long Island. They're not talking about a gentle rain. This is expected to be a serious rain, the kind that leaves you wet for a while.

And the wind's expected to blow.

Forget The Golf Channel. We may need The Weather Channel.

The USGA, being the official rulemakers of American golf, isn't about to let players use lift, clean and place procedures when it gets squishy. There's a reason it's also called lift, clean and cheat.

If the rain stays steady, this Open could take a while. The 18th hole is already an issue because it was built on a swamp and continues to drain like one. If it gets much more rain, players may have to go to the hospitality tents to find relief from casual water.

They're intent on getting this thing started and grinding through the rain. It's part of the golf challenge.

There's always the threat of the U.S. Open finishing on Monday because of the 18-hole playoff. I'm hoping that's the only reason is might finish on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Well, you know what the Scots say... "Nae wind, nae golf!" Rain just makes it more fun.

All this does is increase the separation between the best and the rest. And who's the best? Oh, ummm, yeah. Engrave the jug already.

Oh, goody! I get to be Anonymous again!