Sunday, June 21, 2009

The end is in sight at the U.S. Open. Is a winner?

At the great risk of jinxing this thing, it appears the U.S. Open is going to end on Monday.

The fourth round, which once seemed as far away as Antarctica, began at 5:30 Sunday and it will resume Monday during morning rush hour. If the rain stays away as predicted, we could have a champion by early afternoon -- though there's always the chance of an 18-playoff, which seems totally likely the way this Open has gone.

Even with that, there's reason to think we'll have a champion before Tuesday.

Who will it be?

Not Tiger Woods.

Ricky Barnes?

Hard to believe a guy with 37 career PGA Tour starts can win the U.S. Open.

Lucas Glover?

He has to prove he can handle a final round unlike any he's ever played.

David Duval?

What a story that would be.

Phil Mickelson?

See David Duval.

The U.S. Open is always a grind. Few have been as grinding as this one.

And it's still anyone's guess who wins.