Sunday, June 21, 2009

This U.S. Open is a major mess

This may be the worst major championship ever.

That's not me saying it (though it's what I'm thinking) but the great Dan Jenkins put this U.S. Sopping Open at No. 200 in his list of favorite majors Saturday night after we had taken cover from another downpour that assured this championship won't end before Monday -- if it ever ends.

The rain that didn't hit Saturday afternoon arrived Saturday evening and even L.L. Bean didn't have anything that could keep you dry it rained so hard.

Rather than start at 7:30 this morning as planned with the goal of finishing by dusk, third-round tee times were pushed back to noon, there's hope the fourth round could start around cocktail hour and we'll all reconvene at Bethpage early Monday in hopes of somehow, someway finishing an Open that has almost no chance of being memorable for anything other than the weather.

It's been miserable so far.

It's no one's fault, other than Mother Nature.

There were good intentions all around for this U.S. Open but the weather has ruined it, to this point anyway.

Even in ideal conditions, Bethpage Black is tougher for spectators than for players. There aren't many good viewing areas unless you're perched in the grandstands. It's been so wet, engineering officials have been checking the bleachers and hospitality tents to make sure they're still secure.

It's so muddy that many places are impassable. It's too bad. The U.S. Open is special and should be something to be celebrated.

Maybe the finish -- whenever it comes -- will somehow save it.

Or maybe, it will just finally end and we can all go dry out.