Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What do golfers want?

If we could give you more golf on our website, what you want to see and read?

We're planning to enhance our golf presence online in the coming days, offering fresh content each day, more articles from top teachers and professionals in our area, a course directory, various lists, equipment updates, links to area organizatoins and opportunities for readers to comment on various subjects.

Some of the stories and features will also appear in the Observer but enhancing our online presence allows us to give golfers more than we can in the paper.

It's a work in progress but we're hopeful of building it into something golfers will return to regularly for information, instruction and fun.

I can't fix your putting but we might be able to connect you to someone who can.

Let us know what you'd like to see and read.



jjw901 said...

There are thousands of golf books and videos out there. Fiction, non-fiction, instructional, fiction masquerading as instructional. How about a section for readers to post reviews?

Anonymous said...

How about reviews of local courses?

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy reading course reviews, both for local courses and for other courses throughout the Carolinas, particularly down at the coast.

Anonymous said...

I love Langston's equipment reviews. I just would want him to write more of them and for them to featured more prominent. Hard to find sometimes. I 2nd the course review thing, especially the ones around town that I can play. not the private ones i can't.

Todd Bridges said...

I agree with the more equipment reviews. Can we get videos and more pictures with them? More commentary. Updated news, to. Why is Wachovia stuff still on the page? Would love a standing feaure about memberships around here. how much where. specials?

Anonymous said...

Contests for rounds of golf at courses ordinarily difficult to land on - ie Pinehurst numbered courses, Sawgrass, etc. That'll get traffic to the site! How about you build a "fairway team" of local players to give updates on course conditions every few weeks, etc.

Anonymous said...

Stories about local golfers would be interesting. Good players, etc... not the local auto-world celebrities.

Your father did a fun series in Southpark magazine called "A round with Green". Perhaps you could do something similar.

There is enough out there about the tour guys

Anonymous said...

How about a little better coverage of local high school and college golf. We have some very talented students in the area who could use additional challenges and exposure.