Thursday, June 18, 2009

That didn't take long -- rain stops the Open

Well, they made it a little over three hours before rain stopped the U.S. Open.

As I write this, it's pouring and it has been for a while. That explains the ponds and streams on greens around Bethpage Black.

It's eventually going to stop. It may not be today, sadly. A check of the local radar right now looks like the Green Bay Packers uniform -- all green and yellow.

There's an army of workers on the course, pushing squeegies and other gizmos designed to push the water away. Right now, they're losing the battle.

The larger problem is the 18th fairway, which is built on an old swamp and may be reverting to its original form right now.

Keeping it playable is going to be a challenge when and if the rain stops.

At the moment, the quartet of Jeff Brehaut, Johan Edfors, Adam Parr and Ryan Spears are leading the Open at 1-under par. Tiger Woods has already made a double bogey but he's only 1-over par with rain dripping off him.

Phil Mickelson is someplace warm and dry.

Thankfully, so am I.