Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Good Start For Tiger At Quail

I'm not sure if the world was expecting anything different but Tiger Woods' arrival at the Quail Hollow Championship this morning was nice and easy.

Woods was smiling and happy, chatting with his amateur playing partners, speaking to people in the gallery, even stopping to give a signed ball to a six-year old who was skipping school and will now have the ball and photograph of his moment with Woods.

When Woods made his Monday debut at the Masters, I was near the first green so I couldn't judge the level of the reception he received at the tee. A colleague who was at both places said the reception was louder here.

There was a good crowd following Woods and his group but it wasn't enormous. It was, however, before 8 a.m. when they began and spectators were just beginning to pour in.

This should be a very good week for Woods, regardless of whether his game is razor sharp or not. It's about things getting back to normal where he's concerned and it already felt that way this morning. There's more attention than usual -- there were plenty of golf writers slogging around in the damp morning grass watching Tiger -- but it felt laid back.

It was a good way to start.