Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Maybe Mickelson Finds What's Missing This Week

Given the indifferent start to his season -- one top-10 finish in seven starts -- Phil Mickelson hasn't given much reason to be considered one of the favorites to win the Masters.

Except that he's Phil Mickelson.

The Masters makes him a contender.

Mickelson loves the big moment and there are no bigger golf moments than the Masters. Coming to Augusta National, feeling the spirit, can make the difference for a player like Mickelson.

Emotion is a part of his game, just like it's a part of the Masters.

Mickelson explained his season in two parts: He didn't putt well early and, once he got that figured out, he hasn't hit the ball as consistently as he wanted. Penalty strokes have been a problem for Mickelson in recent weeks but they become a smaller factor at Augusta National which gives players more room to roam than some other courses.

Butch Harmon is on site, working with Mickelson to iron out the wrinkles in his swing. And, if everything goes right, Mickelson's wife, Amy, and their kids will fly into town and be with him this week.

Mickelson has tried to downplay it but he's been wrestling with Amy's struggles with her treatment for breast cancer. The long-range prognosis is very good but the short-term effects from her treatments have taken their toll.

It's been four years since Mickelson last won a major, the 2006 Masters. That's a surprisingly long time.

Maybe all that's been missing this year is inspiration. Maybe he finds it this week.


Mac said...

Hey, he could always break out those Ping Eye2 wedges he had no problem playing a few weeks ago. I used to like Phil, but his willingness to cheat via a legal loophole and then threaten to sue a fellow player who called him on it made me lose all respect for him. All that stuff about what great friends he and Tiger and their wives are was pretty bogus, too.

It's become apparent Phil is just as plastic as that ever-present smile.

Anonymous said...

Mac said, Phil cheated. Mac doesn't know what he is talking about. Mac doesn't like Phil and that is perfectly understandable. Mac doesn't know how to read the rules of golf. Mac doesn't like Phil's smile. Maybe, Mac likes Tiger better. "Get in the hole Tig". Does Mac like that?