Monday, April 05, 2010

Woods Gets Nice But Subdued Reaction

One thing became evident early Monday during Tiger Woods' practice round at the Masters:

The curiousity factor hasn't diminshed.

As Woods and Fred Couples made their way around Augusta National Monday morning, the gallery around them continued to grow. At times, fans were stacked a dozen deep around greens as Woods and Couples played in the warm sunshine.

Woods was greeted warmly but without loud ovations. When he and Couples would approach greens, Couples tended to receive louder ovations than Woods. Anyone who came hoping to hear heckling was sorely disappointed. There was none.

However, Woods seemed noticeably more animinated in dealing with the galleries, chatting occasionally with fans, even shaking hands with a man beside the second tee. Woods looked relaxed, laughing with Couples and their caddies as they walked in the sunshine.

Four security guards walked with Woods and Couples, two walking down each side of the fairway.

Woods' play was spotty. He pulled his opening tee shot far to the left of the first fairway then hit a second ball into play. He made a mess of the par-3 fourth hole and pulled his tee shot left again on the par-5 eighth hole.