Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Miller On Tiger: Needs 72 Or Better Thursday

Johnny Miller thinks Tiger Woods would have done himself a favor had he played one tournament -- the Arnold Palmer Invitational two weeks ago -- before he tees it up Thursday in the Masters.

Miller, who made three birdies playing in the Masters par-3 tournament, thinks Woods' first week back will be determined by what happens immediately.

“He’s going to be nervous. He’s going to want to post a number to show he’s not disjointed, physically and mentally that he’s got things sorted out,” Miller said.

“In the back of his mind, he’s probably thinking he’s got a chance to win. In the other part of his mind, he’s probably thinking I sure hope I don’t shoot 76 or 78 the first round. That’s going to be the most nervous round he’s played since he was an amateur.

“To win that green jacket he’s going to have to shoot par or better in that first round.”


Ban-Miller said...

And as normal, Miller has zero idea of what is really going on. In Tigers many Masters wins, only once did he shool lower than par on opening day.

Anonymous said...


This piece of trash is going to SUCK !!!

He is just a mediocre scumbag now.

His cover was blown wide open for the world and now his game is DEAD!!

Its all OVER but the cryin

Coulwoodwarlord said...

If things go bad early, he could very well lose his confidence, leaving himself a fine line to walk in controling his emotions. It's anyones guess as to how he will perform. Personally, I think it will be feast or famine !