Saturday, April 03, 2010

What If Tiger Wins The Masters?

Once we get past Monday at the Masters with Tiger Woods finally coming face to face with fans and the media, we will move on to a different issue:

What if Tiger wins the Masters?

He could, you know.

If you're picking five guys with a chance, you can't leave him off the list. You could but you'd feel antsy about it.

If Tiger wins this Masters, it would be great for television ratings, great for him and great that it would give the world something else to talk about rather than whatever TMZ and the tabloids keep churning out about him.

But would it be great for the PGA Tour?

Of course it would.

There's one school of thought that if Tiger wins at Augusta, it makes everyone else playing the tour look like highly compensated chumps. He sits out nearly six months, gets filleted in public in the most embarrassing way and still comes back to win the year's first major championship.

What does that say about everyone else on tour?

It would say the same thing we've been saying about Tiger for more than a decade -- he's that once in a lifetime talent. That's what tour players have been saying about him every time he steps on their necks in a tournament. They know it better than the rest of us.

To some people, Tiger can't do anything to redeem himself. He's lost them. But I suspect that's a relatively small number of people, though a good many of them seem to be in the media.

The larger group wants to see Tiger do well again. It won't alleviate their disappointment in learning he wasn't all he was projected to be but time and action can soften that. I think the fatigue factor has also set in. Most of us are sick and tired of hearing about Tiger's private life. We get the picture. It isn't flattering but it's time to move on.

The reason we've cared about Tiger is because of the way he plays golf. He has taken the world's toughest game to conquer and come closer than anyone to conquering it.

Can he win this Masters?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

He has NO CHANCE. He may be one of the 5 best golfers of all time but he will not win The Masters. I doubt he will make the cut. Too much trauma and too early in the recovery process. He cannot clear his mind enough to process this.

Simpson, PhD.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bet on him to win.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, we've said "NO CHANCE" before w/ Tiger and what happens? He amazes us all and we vow to never say never w/ Tiger again...

Staley, Esq.

Anonymous said...

somebody fire this green idiot. his old man wasnt too bad but this guy is obsessed with some ammoral perv and downright sickening. sounds like a spoiled rotten kid syndrone.

Anonymous said...

Nice updates ron.Lefty just missed eagling 3 holes in a row,but settled for a birdie after 2 eagles.I have no idea why phil isn't the media darling.He has always been an arnold palmer like gentleman,has never had a scandel,loves his wife,is a stand up family man,plus there aren't many lefty golfers,and above all.....his wife and mother are battling breast cancer.You would have thought that all the golfers would have worn the pink ribbon on their hat a la phil just out of respect.Why is this masters all about tiger tiger tiger? He is a louse,phoney,terrible role model,has been heard all day saying to himself after his tee shots,"tiger suck." Although you can hear him saying it on tv,the announcers have been mum like they cannot hear it.I am rooting for phil to win it,but also tiger to choke and miss many cuts in the truly are a joke and you do suck!!!