Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No See-Ums Told To Bug Out At Heritage

Don't tell PETA but something very good has happened at the Harbour Town Golf Links this year.

The no see-ums, mean little bugs that bite you before you realize they're on you, have been forced to, uh, leave this year.

That's what a heavy dose of chemicals can do.

No see-ums have been as much a part of the Heritage as red tartan plaid. Spend a day or two outside at Harbour Town in April and your arms will end up looking like you have the measles if you aren't adequately protected.

And finding adequate protection is a source of some debate.

Most people favor using Avon's Skin So Soft, wiping it on their arms and necks and heads where the little buggers like to do their work. Don't ask me how someone figured out the stuff works but it does, though everyone smells faintly of the product.

Boo Weekley says splashing yourself with Listerine works. He figured that out somehow. He even experimented and learned that Scope doesn't work on the bugs, just on your breath.

Someone else said it helps to rub your arms with a branch from one of the bushes behind the first tee. If it keeps the no see-ums away, nobody will look twice at you rubbing your arms with a leafy limb.

Thanks to the generosity of Hilton Head Exterminating, the whole place got sprayed last Friday and it's expected to keep the vicious little things away for at least two weeks.

My arms, neck and head thank them.


Anonymous said...

Sand fleas. Parris Island, right across the way, breeds them. Not only do they provide added challenge for discipline while making a US Marine, they also can provide hours of entertainment for the Drill Instructors. No swatting, no scratching, do no kill one of their sand fleas.

Anonymous said...

On another note we must give great thanks to Mickleson (and his wife) for bringing much needed respect and integrity back to the game of golf and PGA and idiot brainwashed fans.


And these liberals like Green and the sicko perverted pc media in general trying to weasel away from his obesession with some scoudrel of the worst kind like the dastardly Woods pervert need to submit their resignation.

Bring back the old man who wasnt drinking the new age koolaid poison.

Lets clean up all sports and the jury is still out on new BC owner MJ and his gambling that started with golf and his major Chicago corruption conections in the windy city of slime and filth where he still lives.

Everyone seems to be whistling past the graveyard on this one.

NOMORE TW articles. Hopefully this media creation POS has been put to rest.

mcgeex said...

"Liberals"? Really? You want to turn a golf tournament into a political statement? Please take your teabagger BS off the Sports pages.

Anonymous said...

The woods are full of those little right wing whackos. What can you spray on those to keep them from getting under your skin?

No see ums bite treatment said...

In case the no see ums (or any other insects) come back, this will do the trick: