Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tiger, Masters Get Off To Terrific Start

Well, that answered some questions.

Tiger Woods' 4-under par 68 in the first round of the Masters wasn't just a triumph over nerves, rust and the residue of his personal problems.

It was also the best score he's ever shot in the first round of the Masters -- by two shots.

"Very pleased," Woods said of his first competitve round in more than five months.

It left Woods within two shots of the lead, held by Fred Couples and it made him part of a spectacular leaderboard that was stuffed with stars and storylines.

There was 60-year old Tom Watson sitting one shot behind his Champions Tour colleague Couples. Lee Westwood, the fourth-ranked player in the world, is a shot off the lead as is K.J. Choi, Y.E. Yang and a fellow named Phil Mickelson.

Then comes Woods in a group with the pastel-plated Ian Poulter, Anthony Kim and Nick Watney.

For Woods, the day was an enormous success. It began with him ripping a tee shot down the middle of the first fairway with seemingly the whole world watching. He made a solid par at the first, made his first birdie at the third hole and turned in 3-under 33 after an eagle at the par-5 eighth.

Woods made his second eagle of the day at the par-5 15th hole, vaulting him toward the front of the pack. It's the first time he's ever made two eagles in one Masters round. He had a short birdie putt on the 18th hole that missed, leaving two behind Couples.

For all the concerns about how Woods might be treated, it felt like old times. He was cheered at every hole and, other than a plane that flew over head pulling a banner that read, 'Tiger, Did You Mean Bootyism' at the start, there were no issues.

"It felt normal," he said. "The reception was incredible."


Anonymous said...

For all you say about him he is still a cheater. He is still a sex addict. No one is cured in 4 months. The press has a obligation to stay on his back about this. He should not have any more security than other golfers unless it comes out of his pocket not the organization putting on the tournament or the city. No denying he can play the game of golf, but that is all it is, a game. He will lie again and cheat again. I can't believe the american public is falling for his well scripted press conferences and statements. America is as gullable as his wife Elin. He is foul mouthed on the golf course also. How many other golfers do you see slamming their clubs to the ground and cussing like a sailor. I know there have been a few but nothing like he does. He is a cheater and will alway be a cheater in more ways than one. Shame on you American Press if you believe this cheater and liar.

brefoust said...

Anonymous......please get a life! Tiger Woods' marital affairs are between him and his wife---not the American public. If you were a billionare, one of the best golfers of all time, and "the money maker" at the would be treated the same way. Now, is it fair-NO; but that is they way the cookie crumbles.

Anonymous said...

the sleeping dog in all of this is steroids. He looks like Barry Bonds, acts like Barry Bonds did, took incredible risks with his life which steroids make you feel like this. When you workout you lose weight in face you do not get bloated and and have muscles bulging everywhere. This is the big lie that will never come out. Too much money out there for everyone! He turns my stomach because he created this awful roadmap for our kids and the future of golf. Cheat and you will be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Can you say Roids? Water weight bloated. Tiger = Barry. Which reporter is going to risk his career and go where everyone knows is the truth is? Tiger looks like one of the wrestlers on WWE - bloated head and face, man boobs, ridiculous physique and we know he was not working out, extreme risk taker - which women should we start with, extreme golf course rage etc etc etc Which reporter in his right mind would talk about this and be blackballed forever in golf circles. It is career suicide

Coulwoodwarlord said...

All in all, looks like the same old Tiger to me. Those hoping for something different, shouldn't be surprised. As for the previously mentioned steriod use, I must say, to develop and maintain such a physique as Tiger's, would take an enormous amount of training. I was a bit taken back at the size of his upper body, and can see why such speculation has arisen.
Barring an unforseen calamity, Woods should be close on Sunday, I think expecting otherwise would be a mistake.

George said...

No respect for the game. Tiger acknowledged his foul mouth was disrespectful of the game. #6 on Saturday he drops the F and GD bombs. Way to go Tiger! Glad you're back for my kids to hear you!