Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

Sometimes wishes do come true.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson paired together on Sunday at the Master.

Okay, so they’re going off about seven strokes and one hour before the leaders but you can’t have everything. Can you?

If either Tiger or Phil is going to make this Masters about themselves, they better hurry. But there’s no reason to think either of them is going to do anything dramatic today.

Woods has looked frustrated from the start in this Masters. He gets that way when putts don’t fall and they’re not falling this week. Only six guys in the field rank lower in putting this week than Tiger.

And he’s not sure which way his misses are going. On Saturday, he snap-pulled his opening tee shot into the left trees at the first hole then followed that by fanning a big slice into the right trees at No. 2.

Not exactly his A game.

Mickelson hasn’t been much better. Sometimes he seems to take one step up, two steps back. Just when it seemed he was poised to make a move Saturday, he bogeyed the 10th and 11th holes and faded into the azaleas.

The sentimental choice in the final round will be Kenny Perry. He’s a genuinely nice man who has been a very good player for nearly two decades and will be remembered with greater regard if he wins.

Perry has had a vibe about him all week that makes you think this is his time. He’s been resolute in his interviews and, until he showed some shakiness Saturday, his game had looked rock-solid.

If he can handle the front nine Sunday, Perry can win. That’s not me saying. That’s what Perry said late Saturday.

Cabrera is dangerous. He can maul the ball and he seems to be fearless. If he wins, it won’t be a shock.

Is there anyone else?

I’m not sure I think Chad Campbell can win but Jim Furyk is a different story. If he can hole some putts, watch out.

And while everyone will be watching Phil and Tiger, the real story will probably be someplace else.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of confused. Newspapers are cutting back left and right. The Observer is slashing jobs weekly. News and Sports coverage has been scaled back. Yet, there are THREE Observer writers in Augusta this week. Oh yeah, and they're not covering any local stories. It's stuff we can read on national websites or in national newspapers anywhere.

I'm wondering if someone from the Observer can explain that decision not only to the readership, but to the folks losing their jobs. Do you really need to pay for THREE writers to be on what amounts to a vacation out there. Or do the Green's just have that much pull?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous simply doesn't understand because he's obviously a girlie-man.

He also is probably upset that Obama hasn't been appointed starter.

Cedar Posts said...

I'm kind of confused.

I'm with ya on that! But I suspect the assigment was paid for months ago before the cuts needed to be made.

Anonymous said...

cuts have been goin' on since for year...