Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This year's changes are on the outside

Augusta National, it seems, is constantly evolving. Course changes are as routine as the azaleas blooming each spring.

While there are a few relatively minor tweaks to the golf course this year – the first hole was shortened by 10 yards and the tees at Nos. 7 and 15 were extended forward to allow for shorter set-ups – the more striking differences are away from the course.

Patrons – they’re not fans or spectators at the Masters – see the difference immediately. And it’s remarkable how many people from Charlotte are wandering the grounds at Augusta National.

The main entrance has been moved away from where the merchandise building is located on the Washington Road side of the course. The entrance has been shifted more to the side at Berckmans Road, which runs beside the golf course property nearer the second tee and fourth hole.

The large parking lots have been relocated across Berckmans Road as the club continues building a massive practice area on the site of what had been parking areas.

Several buildings have been constructed around what will be the new practice area that is scheduled to be open for next year’s event.

The traffic pattern along Washington Road has also been shifted slightly to accommodate the new parking plan for the patrons.

Once inside, it’s as green and captivating as ever.


Anonymous said...

I am so jacked up! I bought a ticket yesterday and will be going on Saturday for the first time. Tickets are so much more affordable than recent years.