Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take a peek inside the TaylorMade truck

Santa has his workshop.

TaylorMade has its workshop.

It's parked behind the tennis courts at Quail Hollow this week and it looks like something the army would send into someplace you don't want to go. It's big and black with studded wheels and a military motif.

Instead, it's a state-of-the-art workplace for the latest and greatest golf equipment.

And it's not a bad place to hang out, if you like flat-screen TVs, a serious sound system and more golf clubs than Golf Galaxy.

It's where players drop in during the early part of the week to tweak their wedges or get new grips put on or, if serious attention is required, get a new driver.

There's a video posted on our site showing what it's like in there and it's an equipment junkie's Disneyland. There are drawers and drawers of clubheads and shafts and everything else you need to make a club.

TaylorMade's new R9 driver, loaded with movable weight technology, is the hottest thing going and what's really impressive is how quickly they can make a new one in the trailer.

Under the gun, they can build players a new driver in less than two minutes.

The TaylorMade guys can give their players exactly what they want. If it doesn't produce, it's not the equipment's fault.