Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A nice day for Tiger and friends

Let's see...Tiger Woods eagled the fifth hole and the seventh hole Wednesday morning during his Quail Hollow Championship round with Peyton Manning and club president Johnny Harris...

And Harris played like he owned the place, staying right around par and hitting it within a foot of the hole for a birdie at the par-3 13th -- after Tiger had stuffed his tee shot to within six feet of the hole...

And Manning had his own moments to remember, pitching in for a par from off the green at the 13th, among them.

With a large gallery following them, the Woods-Manning-Harris pairing had a relaxed feeling throughout, helped by the fact they were among the pro-am leaders as they stacked one birdie on top of another.

It was good fun for players and the people watching.


Todd Isaacs said...

I was there to watch Johnny Harris. Who were those other guys with him?

CedarPosts said...

Todd that's funny!

Rob Turner said...

It is incredible to see how much chaos there is in finalizing the pro-am draws of events. I was at a tournament recently and the most difficult in organizing this tournament was just ensuring that the draw was ready before the shotgun start. Not that the organisers were lazy or anything. A proper draw based on member handicaps and what not had been sketched out and ready two days before the start of the pro-am.

First the club captain came in with is set of recommendations. Then more people put forth their demands and playing with certain partners. It was all a mess till the last moment.

But it definitely is a terribly important occasion for the sponsor. Most players use it as an extra practice round but those who don’t even bother to play to interact with their playing partners can jeopardise the whole show. One of the players in this tournament, withdrew halfway through the round, citing a sprained wrist. Little did his playing partners realise that the reason he withdrew was their shoddy game. But they were furious as hell when they found out the real reason.

Life would be so much simpler if sponsors just came in and dropped off the bag with loads of cash to be disbursed after four rounds of enthralling golf. No other appearance needed and no other word from them. If only life was that easy!