Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Final thoughts before the Masters begins

Final thoughts before the Masters begins:
-- I wonder if Tiger Woods will play the par-3 tournament with his kids in the future? I hope so.

-- I won’t be surprised if Augusta National yields some low scores in the first round. The weather is going to be nearly perfect and club chairman Billy Payne admitted Wednesday that he’s aware of the criticism some players have directed the tournament. I’m guessing someone shoots 67 to lead with a handful of players right behind.

-- You can count on Gary Player joining Arnold Palmer as a ceremonial starter next year but I’m guessing Jack Nicklaus still won’t make the move. He’ll do it eventually, though.

-- Asked whether Augusta National is feeling the effects of the recession, chairman Payne said the club has “not been impacted.” He added, that could change if the downturn goes on for an extended period of time. Merchandise sales are said to be slower but every time I pass the merchandise building, there’s a line waiting to get inside.

-- It was said to be an emotional scene inside the champions dinner Tuesday night when Jose Maria Olazabal read a letter from his fellow Spaniard, Seve Ballesteros, who is undergoing his fourth round of chemotherapy while fighting brain cancer. How could it not be?

-- My picks? Tiger Woods to win. Nick Watney the darkhorse.


David M said...

Love the Nick Watney pick Ron. Was able to walk with him two years ago at the Wachovia (I am a walking scorer volunteer) and was impressed with his shot making. His caddy told me he will win majors, and I believe him.

Anonymous said...

Go to,

to see George Carlins description of golf.

Cedar Posts said...

I've always thought that being a golf writer at the Masters would be the ultimate gig.

The Charlotte Observer's Ron Green has just such a gig, an all expense paid trip to spend the week at Augusta National. Someone handed Ron the press credentials to get inside the ropes and hang out with golf's brightest stars and he gets paid for blogging and writing about golf's most storied event.

But noting that of the four comments on Ron Green's column; one has been removed, two are timidly profane, and only one offers anything of value, I am not sure it is as glamorous as I may have dreamed.

Granted his column offers very little controversy and even less passion. Bloggers and columnists don't generate readers or comments unless they are passionate or controversial. Still it's the Masters and you would expect some give and take and a little discussion with his readers.