Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Babotie, Chicken Sosaties and Melktert Tonight

The menu tonight at the annual champions dinner at Augusta National will bear the distinctive flavors of South Africa.

That’s the way defending champion Trevor Immelman wants it.

Arnie, Jack and the other former champions don’t have to eat from Immelman’s menu – a steak is always available – but he’s proud of what will be served.

It starts with a spinach salad and there will be two entrée options – a mincemeat dish called babotie and grilled chicken on skewers called sosaties.

If you’re not familiar with babotie – and most of us aren’t – Immelman said it’s cooked mincemeat with a slight curry flavor. A layer of egg is put atop the mincemeat then it’s baked and served with yellow rice.

“It’s going to be fantastic with this cold weather,” Immelman said.

For dessert, they’ll have a traditional South African dish called melktert, which Immelman says has the consistency of pumpkin pie though it’s made primarily with milk.

“It’s going to be the highlight of my week,” Immelman said of his first champions dinner.


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