Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I think they're mocking us

One of the more amusing traditions at the Masters is the gigglefest at the par-3 16th hole during practice rounds when most of the players – even the dour ones – will attempt to skip a golf ball across the pond and onto the green.

I wonder if they’re subtly mocking us.

After hitting what is usually another gorgeous iron shot framed against the pines into the famous green, the players then walk to the edge of the pond, grab a long iron and, from a downhill lie, try to skip a ball six or eight times across the water and onto the green.

When it works, the crowd – fueled by pimento cheese and pine pollen – loves it. When it doesn’t, they love it, too.

These guys are so good they can purposely hit shots like the rest of us try not to hit, defy physics and end up with a birdie putt.

Show offs.

On Tuesday, Vijay Singh actually made an ace that way. According to witnesses – it was too cold and windy for most of us to go all the way down the hill to watch intentional mis-hits – Singh hit the perfectly imperfect shot.

But I’m guessing he won’t try it on Thursday when the tournament begins.


Anonymous said...

That's why they play golf for a living, because they can do what most other duffers can't; hit those "impossible" shots.